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Thank you for your interest in supporting Project Safety Nets. We have been supporting the underserved population of Senegal, West Africa for over 13 years. Early on in our work, we came to realize that many people take for granted the ability to obtain the basic necessities in life. 

As we prepare for our next mission trips in February and March 2022, we are looking for people and/or organizations who are willing to collaborate with Project Safety Nets. Many residents of Senegal have been impacted and lives have been saved through Project Safety Nets ( We expect this upcoming year to be just as phenomenal.

For further information, please contact us at 763-228-9757 or email us at or visit our Facebook page at Every contribution does make a difference. Thank you and may God continue to bless you. 

Directions: We are requesting that donated items are clean, in good working condition, and have more than a 9 month  expiration date. Absolutely no personal prescription medicine will be accepted. Sealed and tampered proof, over the counter  medicine/vitamins are acceptable. Monetary donations are welcome and will also be used to defray shipping costs. Donations  can be made at or at$PSNSenegal. Please feel free to display this list and  share it.


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