The Homecoming:

A Motherland Missions Experience for

African American Men

Senegal, West Africa

October 23- November 6, 2020 (tentative)

Over my 12 years of bringing groups of people back to our homeland of Senegal, two of the best words that I’ve ever heard are, “Welcome home!” I invite you to join me on this 12 day adventure in Senegal. Learn your history! Enjoy the culture! Serve with the people!



  • We operate with one goal, one mission, and as one team

  • Must be a good fit for the team

  • Be financially able

  • Must be flexible and willing to adapt as needed

  • Be in good physical and emotional health

  • Be able to walk at least one mile

  • Be able to lift at least 50lbs

  • Dedicate one suitcase to missions

  • Align with one area of the missions and work towards execution

  • Attend online monthly orientation meetings

  • All financial responsibilities must be met by September 2020


The People:

Senegal is known for its Taranga, which means hospitality. Experience the amazing ethnicity through the Senegalese people.

  • Enjoy and engage with the Wolof, Pular, Jola, Serer, and Fulani people

  • Authentic naming ceremony

  • Visit the Fulani Village

  • Enjoy authentic Senegalese meals

The Culture:


There are so many great points of interest to visit and learn about while in Senegal. Senegal holds the answers to so many questions about our ancestery and history.

  • Monument de la Renaissance

  • Goree Island Slave House & The Door of No Return

  • The World's Largest Black Civilization Museum

  • Safari

  • Lac Rose—Pink Lake

  • Eat authentic Senegalese food

  • Purchase authentic African garments and artifacts

The Missions:

Our engagement and work with the people of Senegal is what binds us at the heart.

  • Feeding and ministering to the lepers

  • Working with boys at the Blue House

  • Serve the “Talibes Boys at Les Gônes de Mbour Association

  • Distribute used eyeglasses at the Medical Center/Maternity Ward

  • Distribute Bags of Hope

  • Sanitation Project Community Clean Up

  • Malaria Education; Mosquito Bed Nets Distribution

  • And much more...


Cost: $4,000

 (Double or Triple Occupancy)

  • $200 non-refundable deposit

  • Airplane tickets up to $1,500

  • One Meal Daily up to $12.00

  • Double Occupancy Housing

  • Ground Transportation

  • Naming Ceremony

  • Incidentals/Coordination

  • Admission to local attractions

  • Local Guides

  • Host Guide

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Senegal 2020

The People, The Culture, The Missions