The People, The Culture, The Missions

Senegal, West Africa

February 18 - 26, 2022

March 18 - April 2, 2022

Over my 13 years of bringing groups of people back to our homeland of Senegal, two of the best words that I’ve ever heard are, “Welcome home!” I invite you to join me on this 12 day adventure in Senegal. Learn your history! Enjoy the culture! Serve with the people!



  • We operate with one goal, one mission, and as one team

  • Must be a good fit for the team

  • Be financially able

  • Must be flexible and willing to adapt as needed

  • Be in good physical and emotional health

  • Be able to walk at least one mile

  • Be able to lift at least 50lbs

  • Dedicate one suitcase to missions

  • Align with one area of the missions and work towards execution

  • Attend online monthly orientation meetings

  • All financial responsibilities must be met by January 2022


The People:

Senegal is known for its Taranga, which means hospitality. Experience the amazing ethnicity through the Senegalese people.

  • Enjoy and engage with the Wolof, Pular, Jola, Serer, and Fulani people

  • Authentic naming ceremony

  • Visit the Fulani Village

  • Enjoy authentic Senegalese meals

The Culture:


There are so many great points of interest to visit and learn about while in Senegal. Senegal holds the answers to so many questions about our history.

  • Monument de la Renaissance

  • Goree Island Slave House

  • Safari

  • Lac Rose—Pink Lake

  • Eat authentic Senegalese food

  • Visit the fabric and craft markets


Cost: $4,000

 (Double or Triple Occupancy)

  • $250 non-refundable deposit

  • Airplane tickets up to $1,500

  • One Meal Daily up to $12.00

  • Double Occupancy Housing

  • Ground Transportation

  • Naming Ceremony

  • Incidentals/Coordination

  • Admission to local attractions

  • Local Guides

  • Host Guide

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The Missions:

Our engagement and work with the people of Senegal is what binds us at the heart.

  • Feeding and ministering to the lepers

  • Friendship Day at Citi Radio School

  • Serve the “Talibes Boys at Les Gônes de Mbour Association

  • Distribute used eyeglasses at the Medical Center/Maternity Ward

  • Distribute Bags of Hope

  • Sanitation Project Community Clean Up

  • Malaria Education; Mosquito Bed Nets Distribution

  • PSN Girls Conference

Senegal 2022

The People, The Culture, The Missions