"The key to understanding the future is one word - sustainability."
- Patrick Dixon



The Japplante Group is made up of eight women who have been funded for Micro Loans of $1,000. What they do is reflected in their name which means: "We lift each other up." With the loan they received, these extraordinary women established The Hen House Project, beginning with 200 chicks. Their first cycle ended during Ramadan when they sold chickens to the community. They were also given a deep freezer to use for meat storage. This freezer was purchased from the Citi Radio School. Due to their inability to receive electricity in The Hen House, the freezer had not been used yet. Since the start of this Hen House Project, the Japplante Women have had 12 cycles of raising chickens, now starting to raise egg - laying chickens.


The Japplante Group met in a Visioning Session to discuss plans for a Skills Center, to be built in Senegal. The Group came up with many ideas of how they would like this Center to look and function. The Center will include an Early Childhood Program, areas to produce their crafts as well as other items for their business. There will also be a multi - purpose room, which will be rented out for functions, similarly to a Banquet Hall. The next step in this process will be to hold a Capital Campaign/Fundraising for the building of this Skill/Community Center.


The Fulani Village

Over the years, we have visited the Fulani Village at Bounaba. Assane Ba is the Chief of the Village. Project Safety Nets delivers mosquito bed nets there every year, along with rice, soap, medical supplies, vitamins, and personal care items. We have recently added anti - parasitic medication to our contribution, helping children stay healthy. We have also offered financial support for women who are growing their Millet business. There were several medical missions held at the village over the years. Hundreds of People received medical care from American and Senegalese Doctors. The residents of the Village also have been given used eyeglasses from time to time. Over the years, team members have been hosted for an authentic "Naming Ceremony" at the Village. It brings joy to each member to be given an African name.