Project Safety Nets has distributed approximately 21,500 pre-treated mosquito bed nets to many areas of Senegal, in addition to offering malaria prevention education. The Medical Director in the area reported there has been a drastic decrease in the number of malaria cases diagnosed, since this distribution.


Diokoul Kher Medical Center serves over 17,000 residents annually with little support from the government. Our funding has been helpful in providing medicine for the poor people of this community. 


Project Safety Nets also provided equipment and supplies for a 20 - bed Maternity Ward at the Diokoul Kher Medical Center in Rufisuqe. The building sat empty for many years while expecting mothers and their newborns faced challenges of childbirth. Since the inception of the Maternity Ward, there has been thousands of babies delivered, without complications to mother or child. The Ward also created jobs for local residents. One resident shared, "Every night I pass by the Maternity Ward and see the light on. I remember and pray for you because this has truly been a blessing to our community." Each month, the Maternity Ward assists with approximately 40 healthy births. During the month of September, there is usually an excess of 60 healthy births at the Center.


Recently, Project Safety Nets purchased a 30 - liter sterilizer for the  Medical Center. Madame Diagana reported that staff have been challenged with sterilizing the medical equipment, since their original sterilizer (Donated in 2010) was broke. She is confident that having this piece of equipment will help keep the population healthy and promote less risk of transferable diseases.


While delivering mosquito bed nets in 2012, we came across a dumping ground in the middle of a neighborhood where children live, play, and learn. The Rotary Club of Plymouth, MN decided to do something about it in order to continue our work with malaria prevention and education.

Part I of this project is recycling training in the Gambia. On a previous Missions Trip, we e took a group of local women to the Women Skill Center in Njau, Gambia to learn about recycling.

Part II entails clean up efforts. Led by community activist Isatou Mar, community members, come out to participate in these efforts. The police are enforcing a "No Dumping." The women who were trained on recycling are educating the community in turn. Several community clean ups have been held since the inception of this project. Garbage cans have been purchased to help residents in keeping the areas clean.

Part III of this project involved the purchase of garbage transportation - horse and cart. Unfortunately, the horse met with tragedy and has died. The women sold the carriage, purchasing chairs which they now rent out to the community for celebrations.

Used Eye Glasses

Throughout the year, donations of used eyeglasses are collected. Several hundreds of  glasses have been distributed over the years, while Project Safety Nets is in Senegal and the Gambia. For the people of Senegal who struggle to make a daily living, having corrective lens is a luxury. 

If you are interested in donating eyeglasses, please reach out.

20/20 Vision

The Missions Team visits and ministers to the Lepers in Senegal. Project Safety Nets provides personal care items including vitamins, pain relief medication and much more, to these outcasted citizens. Above all, we give them love.


One of the greatest things you can invest in is health.