“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” 

- Mother Teresa

"Welcome Home!"

These are two of the most heartwarming words that I've ever heard. Hearing them, on our Missions Trip, as we visited Kunta Kinte Island in Jufurreh, Gambia was overwhelming. We took time to connect with our culture as we visited Jufurreh, where Alex Haley traced his ancestry in the movie series ROOTS.
The history lesson we received is not written in textbooks. It is told by natives who are proud of their ancestry and still mourn for the millions of family members who were stolen and killed during slavery. Reviewing the documents became too real for me at times, and I chose to sit out on some of it.
After visiting the museum, we went to the home of Alex Haley's family. We took photos with the family, now 8th generation of Kunta Kinte. One of the most moving events of this day was being able to distribute mosquito bed nets in JUFURREH! Can you believe that? God has blessed us to deliver mosquito bed nets in Jufurreh, Gambia by the Kamby Bolongo River (Gambia River). The families were so grateful. The village has a FEMALE CHIEF! That was exciting to witness. She invited us in to pray for us after receiving her mosquito bed nets.

I am so delighted for the vision of this organization. Our Missions Trips are filled with services to humanity, spreading the love of Jesus Christ, as well as engaging and participating with people, while enjoying history, and culture.

A Message from Ann Dillard, Founder of Project Safety Nets