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In 2008, Ann Dillard became the founder of a nonprofit organization called Project Safety Nets (PSN). PSN is dedicated to helping individuals in developing communities create sustainable lifestyles through Education, Health and Economic Development. (Our Three Pillars)

From delivering over 27,000 pre-treated mosquito bed nets, to offering more than 200 Micro - Loans to help women create sustainable ways of living, Project Safety Nets continues to thrive in each of their Three Pillars. Over the past 15 years, the organization has developed over 21 different projects, including offering pilgrimage for individuals to travel to The Motherland for rich cultural experiences.

Ann is also a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow. Her passion for serving others, particularly those in underserved communities drove her to establishing The Rotary Club of North Minneapolis in 2012.

"The difference between charity and love - love goes the extra mile to change things" - Ann Dillard

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